Academic Staff

The faculty’s  teaching staff  and their associates:

 No. Name Academic degree Department
1 Prof./ Ahmed Sokarno Abd EL Hafez  Full Professor
2 Dr / Adel Mohammed Abd El Samiee Assistant professor.
3 DR./Hedeya Khalaf Ahmed Lecturer
4 DR:Atef Mohamed Abdallah.  Assistant professor
5 Dr: Mohamed sa’eed Ahmed Ali  Assistant professor
6 Dr: Yasseen Ahmed Essa  Full Professor
7 Dr:Abd elnaeem Abdelsalam Khaleel. . Professor Emiratus
8 Dr:Refa’e Youssef Abdelhafez Professor.
9 Dr: AbdelMoneam Ali Osman. Assistant professor
10 Dr:Ehssan Abd elQodous Embaby Dean of the faculty
11 Dr:Shoukry Hussein Alkanteery Professor.
12 Dr: Sakaw Dardeer Abd elgawad Professor Emiratus
13 Dr: Hesham Mahmoud Gamal Lecturer
14 Dr: Saad Ahmed Hussein Assistant professor Emiratus
15 Dr: Mohamed elsoghair Abo elkasem Lecturer.
16 Dr:Mahmoud Afifi.  Lecturer.
17 Dr: Samar Gamal Eldein Lecturer
18 Dr: Eslam Saad Abdallah Lecturer
19 Dr: Hebatalluah Nassr Hassan Lecturer
20 Dr:Asmaa Ayoub Abdelazeez Lecturer
21 Dr: Araffa Mahmoud Moustafa Lecturer.
22 Dr: Heba Dahy Mohamed.  Lecturer
23 Dr: Houda Mohamed Hammad Lecturer
24 Dr: Fatma Aladl Helal Lecturer
25 Dr: Nahed Mohamed Allam Ahmed Lecturer
26 Dr: Hany Mohamed Ali.  Lecturer.
27 Dr:Ahmed Gaber Hamed Lecturer.
28 Naeima Boraiee Ramadan Assistant Lecturer History
29 Sarah Ali Abd El Mageieed Assistant Lecturer History
30 Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Assistant Lecturer History 
31 Zeinab Ahmed Saady Assistant Lecturer French 
32 Sahar Abe L Kawy Younes teaching assistant English 
33 Haitham Omar Abd El  Qawy Assistant Lecturer
34 Safaa Yousef Gad EL Mawla Assistant Lecturer History
35 Hager Mohammed Ehab Assistant Lecturer History
36 Ahmed Hassan Mohammed teaching assistant Arabic 
37 Asmaa Mousa Ahmed teaching assistant Arabic 
38 Emad Saaedy  El Taieb teaching assistant Arabic 
39 Amany Metwaly Abdo teaching assistant Arabic 
40 Hany Eid Ali teaching assistant History
41 Mai Esmaeel Mohamed  teaching assistant Arabic 
42 Wafaa Abdallah Mohamed  teaching assistant Arabic 
43 Sanaa Mahmoud Rasheedy  teaching assistant Arabic 
44 Reham Fouad Mohamed teaching assistant English
45 Hoda Mohamed Hashem teaching assistant English
46 Anwar Abu Almakarem Safy teaching assistant History
47 Nashwa Moustafa Ahmed teaching assistant Arabic 
48 Abla Abd Alrazek Osman teaching assistant Mass-press
49 Manar Mahmoud Mohamed  teaching assistant Mass-communications
50 Hanaa Mohamed Mahmoud teaching assistant Arabic
51 Asmaa Mahmoud Ahmed  teaching assistant Geography 
52 Aya Abdallah Gad teaching assistant Geography
53 Mona Mogahed Saleh  teaching assistant French 
54 Wafaa Sayed Ahmed  teaching assistant French
55 Hayam Taha Saleh Hassaballah teaching assistant History