Upper Egypt Radio Broadcasting Approves the Newly Installed Aswan University’s Speaking Clock

Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab declared that the newly installed speaking clock tower in the university headquarters in Sahary city will be launched by Upper Egypt radio soon imitating Cairo University’s Clock Tower. He added that the university headquarters in sahary city witnesses a surge in educational, construction and sports sectors. As for sports sector it has undergone significant developments among which establishing the University Stadium which can absorb 1000 spectators, establishing playgrounds complex for handball, volleyball and basket ball.  Swimming pool, playgrounds for beach ball, five-player football and tennis are being built.

 In the same context, Prof. Ghallab said that in cooperation with Aswan university, the Arab Contractors’ Academy will be inaugurated this Thursday in the university headquarters in Sahary city. It will be opened in Aswan university stadium at 5 pm in light of the celebrations of 6 October victory.