Youth Care

Dear student

If you are talented in cultural, physical, artistic, social or scientific field, please head to the youth care office.

If you have a social problem, please head to youth care office.

If you have financial problems, please head to youth care office.

  1. financial and in-kind assistance from the social solidarity fund:

How do you get a financial or in-kind subsidy?

 • Submit an application on behalf of the faculty dean for a special application from youth care office filled by the student and stamped with the seal of the faculty (student affairs office).

• Applications submitted to the board of directors of the fund to approve the amount payable to each class and the amount is determined according to the financial situation of the family.

• The subsidies are paid from the college treasury.

  1. How to register in a faculty activity?

Go to the Youth Care Office in the faculty second floor

Activities in the office:

1. Sports Activity

2. Artistic activity

3. Cultural activity

4. Social activities and trips

5. Scout activity and public service

6 .Student groups

8. Scientific and technological activity