Libraries department

The department aims at providing students with basic information and skills required for librarians and information professionals which help them to practice their work effectively and also help them to develop the profession in the light of what they have studied thus the department provide studying particular processes such as: organizing,analyzing,storage,search,and restoring .

The department also gave a significant room for practicing on computer and automated systems where most of library services and information have been converted to automated form.

 The mission of the department could be identified as following:

  • Train specialists in libraries and information equipped with skills that enable them to manage and develop these institutions and upgrade information services by the modern educational methods and means.
  • Scientific research service in libraries and information and open up new prospects for developing the profession and scale it up.
  •    Develop students’ capacity for using libraries and information sources.
  • Contribute to community service by training and continuous education and raise awareness of the importance of studying libraries and information field.
  • Provide academic programs that help to acquire scientific thought skills and knowledge in the field of libraries and information.
  • Imparting scientific skills that guarantee excellence and competitiveness on local, regional, and international level.
  •  Conduct scientific, theoretical, and practical researches in accordance with scientific quality criteria.
  •   Utilizing intellectual and scientific potential to develop libraries and information centers in the community throughout training programs and providing technical consultations and run and attend scientific conferences and symposiums.
  • Support ethical and professional values in education and    scientific research and serving libraries sector and information centers.