Master Students

Master’s Students of Arabic Department:

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Sarah Ismail Abbas Ghalib Islamic trend in the stories of Kamel Kilani for children
2 Doaa Muhammad Muhajir Image of Nature among the Muallaqat Poets – An artistic objective study
3 Reda Abdul Shakour Ali Mohammed Nubian Form in the novelistic creativity for Idris Ali – a critical study
4 Emad Saadi Al-Tayyib Hassan Controversy of the Cause of Grammarians of ”Ibn Jini” as a model
Taha Ali Ahmed Othman The satirical tendency in the novels of Youssef El Sebaei – an analytical study
6 Asmaa Mosa Ahmad Mohammad The divan of Nazik Al-Malaika, a study in the light of textual linguistics
7 Omaima Soleiman Mosa Muhammad Arabism in Al-Mutanabbi Poetry – An Analytical Study
8 Amani Mitwali Abdo Hamed Building Character in Novels of Youssef Idris – a critical study
9 Maha Mustafa Hamdan Ali Time in Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab’s Poetry – An Analytical Study
10 Sawsan Mahmoud Mohammed Hussein Depending on the Meaning of ”Ibn Jini” in Writing Characteristics-A study in the light of textual linguistics
11 Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud The multiple singular characteristics of one description in the Holy Quran “Rhetorical Study”
12 Ahmed Hassan Al-Kharashi The poetry of the Seven Pendants in the Light of Receptive Theory, “An Analytical Study”
13 Ola Barakat Ahmed The grammatical comments of Ibn Hisham Al-Masry on the views of Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi “Study and Analysis”
14 Mohammed Abdul Majeed Mahmoud The phenomenon of deletion in the collection of Ali Al-Jarim, “a stylistic study.”
15 Alaa Mohammed Azab Literature of Arab Rulers in the Pre-Islamic Era “An Artistic Study”.
16 Karima Jaber Barberry Rhythmic structure in the poetic theater of Abd al-Rahman Al-Sharqawi
17 Hana Mohamed Mahmoud Grammatical methods in ”Omar messages”
18 Mohammed Saad Gad Attia The duality of darkness and light in the Civil Qur’an a rhetorical study ”.
19 Nashwa Mustafa Ahmed Wrong Behaviors and Crimes affecting the Integrity in the Light of  the thought school of Shafi’i
20 Doaa Tawfiq Mahmoud The pictorial paradox in the collection of Songs of Life by Abu Al-Qasim Al-Shabi
21 Asmaa Ahmad Wenan The artistic image in the (Egyptian) Wonderful Feminist Stories -selected models


Master’s Students of History Department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Sundus Syed Muhammad Ahmed Social and cultural life in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria “1837-1901 AD” is a historical vision
2 Abu Bakr Mohammed Zaki Hassouna Settlement of the border dispute over the Buraimi oasis and its impact in the Arabian Gulf (1949-1974).
3 Mostafa Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Dedications and their historical significance in the temple of Athena Linda – a reading in literary sources
4 Hany Eid Ali  Awad The city of Tremethes (Amhda) in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras, “An analytical historical study.”
5 Anwar Abu Al-Makram net The city of Biskra, Morocco during the reign of Beni Marin (678-804 AH / 1280-1402AD), a civilizational historical study
6 Howayda Ibrahim Abdullah Syed The role of sectarian and political trends in directing historical writings in the first Abbasid era (132-232 AH / 750-847AD)
7 Osama Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Aswan in the second half of the twentieth century
8 Hussein Muhammad Hassan Ali Egyptian-Yemeni Relations 1952/1972 AD
9 Esraa Saif Al-Nasr Abdul-Raouf Shad Sharabakhanah in Egypt and Al Sham during the Mamluk era (648-923 AH / 1250-1517 AD).
10 Ahmed Anwar Hassan Hegazy Civil Wars in Africa South of the Desert (Nigeria and Ghana) as a model (1967/1960)
11 Ola Murad Mustafa Ibrahim The Affecting of the Second World War on Portuguese Colonies in Africa (1939-1975 AD).
12 Asmaa Mohammad Abu Al-Fadl Soviet interests in the Horn of Africa during the Cold War (1945-1990).
13 Hana Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Abdel Hafez European Conferences and their role in canceling slave trade(1815-1926 AD)
14 Shaima Abdul-Dayem Badr Al-Din The Alsace-Lorraine issue and its impact on the African continent (1870-1919)
15 Amira Mohammad Al-Muntasir Sultan The effect of water on the war battles in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic East (11-232 A.H. / 632-847 A.D.)
16 Maha Abdullah Abu Al-Makarem Princess of Al Eashruat in Egypt and Al Sham during The Circassian Mamelukes Age(784-923 AH / 1383-1517 AD)
17 Eman Halabi Abd Allah Muhammad The wealth of scholars and jurists in Andalusia from the Islamic conquest until the end of the Taif era (92-479 AH / 711-1086 AD)
18 Raya Ahmed Abdul Zahir Muhammad State of Believers and its External Relations (514-640 AH / 1120-1242 AS) “A civilizational historical study
19 Alaa Nasr Salama Ibrahim Positions of Horn of Africa Area in the period from 1935 to 1945
20 Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed Ali Supplies and Military Foods since the Era of Prophet until the End of Al Umawi Era(2-132 A.H. / 623-750 A.D.)
21 Roeya Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed Nubian deities during the Ptolemaic and Roman eras (323 BC / AD 284).
22 Fatima Zahra Saad Muhammad Carriage animals in Roman Egypt (30 BC-284 AD) a documentary study in the light of papyrus
23 Eman Saber Mohamed Morsi Physical Penalties  of Greeks during the Classic Age(500-323 BC).
24 Hadeel Hamdy Ahmed Maher Economic Activity of the village of Thiadelfia in the Roman era (30 BC to 284 AD).
25 Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Hassan The Political Conflict in Iraq (1958-1963AB )
26 Hadeer Mohammad Gamal al-Din Abdel Moneim The Role of Traders in Spreading Islam in China during The Abbasid era (132-656 A.H. / 749-1258 A.D.)
27 Walaa Gamal Ismail Mohamed The City of Bikend from the Islamic Conquest until the Fall of the Abbasid Caliphate (88-656 AH / 707-1258 AD) A political and cultural study
28 Shaima Ahmed Al-Sadiq Muhammad The City of Hilla from the sixth century until the end of the eighth century AH (12-14 AD), a political and cultural study
29 Shadia Zine El Abidine Ahmed Kenya in the Israeli strategy (1979-2002).
30 Fibei Hanin Nashed Hanin Libyan British Relations(1969-1986) M.
31 Taqaa Mokhtar Mohammad Mokhtar Libya’s foreign policy towards Africa (1969-2001)
32 Aya Abdul Warith Salim Egypt’s Policy Towards Eritrean Case  (1958-1993)
33 Sahar Saber Gad The Libyan role in Africa from 1969-1988
34 Asma Abdul Ridha Ahmed British policy towards Nigeria (1960-1990).
35 Rufaida Mohammed Hamza Israeli ambitions and their implications for East Africa (1967-1990).
36 Ewatif Abu Al Hassan Eid Oman and its Civilization Role in the East Africa 1806-1856 AD
37  Eman Sabry Abdulaziz German-Palestinian Relations (1933-1945)
38 Hamdy Ahmed Hussein Governments of Mohammad Mahmud (1928-1939)
39 Ali Ahmed Mohamed British-Italian relations in the period between the two world wars (1939-1919)
40 Salwa Abul-Naga Hazin Economic Relations between Egypt and the Nile Basin Countries (1970-1952) AD.
41 Hind Rajab Muhammad Musa Wood Trade between Egypt and Ancient Syria since the Ancient State until the End of the Late Age(378-2780)BD.
42 Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Hassan Political Conflict in Iraq(1958-1963 AD).
43 Maha Mahmoud Ibrahim Private fortunes in the Almoravid and Almohad eras in Morocco (448-668 AH / 1056-1270 AD).
44 Amira Ahmed Abdo Ali Religious deviations in Morocco and Andalusia during the Almohad era (541-668 AH / 1146-1270 AD).
45 Samar Sabry Ahmed Khalil Libyan-Ugandan Relations (1969-1979)
46 Ola Mahmoud Taha Othman The Russian-Ottoman rivalry over the Serbs 1774-1812 AD
47 Hiyam Taha Saleh Water poverty and its impact on Egyptian life during the Fatimid era (358-567AH / 969-1171AD).
48 Yousra Abdul Ghaffar Mohammed Mikhlaf Zammar in the first three centuries of migration


Master’s Students of English Department


No. Name Thesis Title
1 Shaima Al-Sayed Mohamed Grammatical & Indicative Analysis for Some Selected Poems of Maya Angelo
2 Hany Nasser Jabra Political Theatre in the Trilogy of 1990s for David Hare Studying for Form and Content
3 Bashayer Ahmed Abdel Zaki Linguistic Analysis for the Manner of Social Media Tools Studying the Status of the both written languages English and Arab
4 Hoda Muhammad Hashem Double Identity : studying subject and manner in selections from the poems of Derek Walcott
5 Marwa Abu Al Hassan Abdel Wahab Environmental Cases in the Novels of Linda Hogan” Environmental Criticism Studying for Novels” ”Unmerciful Soul”(1990) ” Solar Storms” (1995) ”Power” (1998).


Master’s Students of French Department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Mona Majahid Saleh Original of Popular Proverbs and Problems that Meet us in Translating them