-Faculty of Arts was established in accordance with the Presidential Decree No.809 in 1975; where study started at the faculty in the academic year 2000/2001with three departments: Arabic Department and its Arts-English Department and its Arts- History Department and its Arts, while study started in the French Department and its Arts, Geography Department, and Media Department in 2012/2013.

-The faculty grants a licentiate degree in the arts of the specialization of each department, and the duration of study is four years.

-The faculty applies the regularity and affiliation systems that are directed in all departments in addition to the public affiliation system for those who previously obtained scientific degrees. The Arabic language is the formal language of study except in English and French departments.

-The strategic and basic target is a commitment to the continuous development with ensuring distinct quality in the education, scientific research, administration, serving the community, and achieving the confidence of the community by graduating students have levels that match with the recognized standards, presenting distinct services in the field of arts and humanitarian science, and creating harmony between the faculty and its local and national community.