Personnel Affairs

About the Administration

It’s the official entity which any student, or a member of the Academic staff, or of assistant body goes to it after getting working, in where all his documents are submitted to add them at the faculty.

Director of the Administration

Ms. Soheir Naguib Ismail

Worker of the Administration

Ms. Heba Sayed Saleh

Tasks of the Administration

1-Handing over the work, ending service, and signing an evacuation for workers.

2-Enrolling the data of employees on personnel affairs program and update them.

3- Preparing job status data.

4-Preparing annual reports for workers.

5-The official Administration of signing the assignment of workers whether for employees or academic staff and their assistants, as well as the movements of workers.

6- The Administration is responsible for all types of vacations ( ordinary leave-casual vacation-sick leave -annual leaves with all its types)