Ph.D. degree

Students of the Ph.D. degree-Arabic department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Sana Mahmoud Rashid Ghazali Islamic instruments and their legal controls in Islamic jurisprudence.
2 Wafaa Abdullah Mohammad Ahmad Ibn Tabataba’s message of literature in his book “The Caliber of Poetry”.
3 Ali Al-Sayed Hassan  Textual coherence in Surat Al-Ma’idah, “a study in the grammar of the text.”
4 Mona Abdel Azim Mohamed Makki Imru ‘al-Qais poetry between the ancient and modernists, “a critical study.”
5 Mohammed Ahmed Ali Hassan Elements of textual linking in Diwan al-Baha Zuhair “A Study in the Light of the Science of Text Language”.
6 Khaled Mohamed Abdel Rahim Textual correlation in the poems collection of ”Ali bin al-Jahm”
7 Mamdouh Ali Mohamed Abdel Aal Variations of the stereotype of the West in the Arabic novel “An Analytical Study”.
8 Abo Al-Wafaa Yahya Ali Hefni The concept of identity between Joseph Konrad-Tayeb Salih in the light of the colonial struggle in Narrative Techniques: A Comparative Study.
9 Inayat Imran Ahmed Hammadi The concept of identity between Joseph Konrad-Tayeb Salih in the light of the colonial struggle in Narrative Techniques: A Comparative Study.
10 Zainab Najeh Sayed Mohamed The linguistic unification of the readings of Abu Saeed Al-Hassan bin Yassar Al-Basri and Abi Amr Ibn Al-Ala Al-Basri “A Comparative Study”
12 Sayed Bastawy Gad Persuasion in the Qur’anic Women’s Stories “A Linguistic Study.”
13 Abdullah Saad Bakry The grammatical function between realization and abolition is a semantic grammatical study

Students of PhD degree-History department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Naima Boreaa Ramadan Food and beverages in the Maghreb from the Almoravid era until the end of the state of Bani Marin 869-448 AH / 1056-1465 AD
2 Sarah Ali Abdul Majeed Crimes and Penalties in The City of Constantinople (330-976 AD) – A historical study.
3 Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Ali Russian-Mongolian Relations (620-910 A.H. / 1223-1505 A.D.)
4 Abdullah Ahmed Hammam Diseases and their affect on the political life since Islamic inauguration until the end of Fatimid Era (21-567 AH / 641-1171 CE)
5 Nahla Yassin Hassan Mohamed Lebanon’s foreign policy during the era of President Fouad Shehab (1958-1964 AD)
6 Ahmed Adel Hassan Observing the change in the relations of Rome and Bithynia between the Julio-Claudian and Flavian dynasties is a “historical study”.
7 Wafaa Jumah Mohammad Aswan and the southern borders of Egypt in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras “A historical and historical study in light of the study of ancient sources
8 Hajar Mohammad Ehab Mohammad People with disabilities in the ancient world A study of the case of Egypt in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras until the end of the third century AD
9 Abdul Hamid Sarhan Abdo Mahmoud Foreign Policy of Kenya 1963-1978 AD
10 Safaa Youssef Hamed Japanese commercial interests in Egypt 1900-1941
11 Amal Shaaban Abdel Aal Crafts and industries in the Sudan and the Nile Valley from the 9th – 11th century AH / 15-17AD.

Students of the Ph.D. degree-English department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Reham Fouad Mohamed Ahmed Cultural duality in novels and short stories selected by contemporary American Arab women writers.
2 Haitham Omar Abdul Qawi Features of literature in the main programs of Arab satellite channels: talk shows as an example
3 Doaa Mahmoud Saeed Crossbreeding as a postcolonial critical direction in both Karen Desai’s major narratives and Swif’s goals
4 Sahar Abdul Qawi Younis The image of solider in the war poetry for Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Endel Jarrell and James Dickey: from the modern historical viewpoint
5 Wael Mohammed Abdel Baqi


Restoring Harmony with Nature in Selected Poems by Poets Don MacKay and Nai Osende A Comparative Study in Light of Environmental Criticism
6 Ahmed Mohamed Abdo Kenawy An analysis of selected novels by Radwa Ashour and Tariq Ali in light of the concept of historical metafiction
7 Ahmed Abdul Majeed Ahmed The phonemic change resulting from the English language on the Arabic language for the British of Egyptian origin.

Students of the Ph.D. degree-French department

No. Name Thesis Title
1 Zainab Ahmed Saadi The Oral Expression in the Novel Works of Patrick Modiano