University Dorms

University dorms is one of the most important care sectors for students of the university whether it’s social, health, academic, cultural, or athletic care. It provides a full university life for students especially the expatriate students; it is the proper social sphere thereby it take care for outstanding students then the expatriate students in addition to students of special needs to a certain percentage to enhance the sound values in 24 hours, also there is an integrated food system  for the residents students in the complexes provides the three meals prepared according to the students’ needs in this age by specialized  nutritionists  in the university.

It offers a full care for the students (residency, nutrition, social, athletic and arts activities programs) for leisure time of the students since the students spend  about 70% from their  day time in it ,the university housing complex provides them whatever  they need from food,activities,comfort and relaxation, study rooms  in  a 24 hours.

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