Aswan University President receives Dr. Mamdouh Al-Damati former Minister of Archaeology

Today, on Sunday, Prof. Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President met Dr. Mamdouh Al-Damati the former Minister of Archaeology and Director of Sector of Archaeology at the campus in Sahari; as well as Prof. Ahmed Ghallab stressed the target of the visit is increasing the technical support and checking Faculty of Archaeology as a preparation for creating postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Archaeology-Aswan in the attendance of Dr. Ayman Osman-Vice University President for Postgraduate Studies & Research,  Dr. Badwai Isamil-Dean of Faculty of Archaeology at Luxor and member of the committee of archaeology at the Supreme Council of Universities, Dr.Gharieeb Mahmoud Taha-Dean of Faculty of Archaeology at Aswan, Dr. Omar Abu Zaid-Vice Dean of Faculty of Archaeology in Aswan.

Dr.Ahmed Ghallab accompanied Dr. Mamdouh Al-Damati and accompanying delegation in checking tour at the university to ensure from the latest updates and field, educational, and civil developments, logistic capabilities, and human resources of the faculty. On the margin of this visit of Prof. Ahmed Ghallab presented the shield  and medial of Aswan University as honor of his efforts in the field of archaeology and his scientific contributions in serving sector of archaeology and raising it, the meeting discussed  developing the Faculty of Archaeology-Aswan University and its role in Africa and the interest of maintain the archaeological sites in Africa and searching cooperation ways between UNESCO and Faculty of Archaeology-Aswan University and the way of applying the interests and projects  in the field of archaeology and museums.