Geography Department


Achieving quality and excellence in education, scientific research, and community service, through the development of the student’s personality, making him capable of innovation and self-learning.

Providing advanced teaching programs that help the student achieve his academic and personal ambitions at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and make him able to compete regionally and globally.


The Department of Geography in Aswan Faculty of Arts seeks to establish a prominent position among the scientific departments at the university. It also seeks to develop its teaching programs and improve to serve the purposes of comprehensive development and dissemination of geographical culture and contribute to an active role in serving community issues and preserving the environment.


Updating and developing geographic courses and learning methods and tools that are consistent with the mission of the geographic program.

Develop the student’s ability to know, understand, and apply modern scientific curricula and master the basic skills to continue teaching himself by himself.

Training the student to work collectively, exercise freedom of expression, and participate in the intellectual and cultural life of the community.

Updating and developing the research skills of the faculty members in the department and the supporting staff.

Spreading the culture of quality and creating a spirit of positive competition, with the aim of improving performance.

Meeting the needs of the community, through the department’s distinguished scientific services, and directing research to solve community and environmental problems.