French department


The Department of French Language and Literature was founded in 2012, along with other new departments, and studies were finished that year. One of its key purposes was to familiarise itself with an important European language, such as English, which is the French language, and its fields of specialization varied, including pimping, practical exercises, civilization, and French literature.


The French language department aims to provide comprehensive training and education in the French language and literature of the French-speaking world, as well as theoretical and applied linguistics. It also seeks to develop students’ language and intellectual skills to meet the demands of the job market. The department prioritizes scientific research and community service, and it promotes understanding and intercultural communication.


The Department of French Language and Literature strives for excellence in teaching and research in French literature and linguistics on a local and regional scale.


-Giving pupils the language skills they need to expand their intellectual, cultural, and artistic collections.

-Developing qualified competencies in the French language and literature for employment in the public and private sectors.

-Contribute to scientific research by connecting it to societal human and developmental requirements.

-Community service and continuing education in the subject of French language and literature are provided through training and advisory courses, as well as scientific gatherings.

-Academically and technically preparing and qualifying students for the labor market.

-Developing a scientific research spirit and the ability to adhere to creative research literature.

-Collaboration with scientific and communal institutions, as well as bodies involved with French language and literature.