The sociology department looks forward to becoming one of the distinctive scientific programs in social studies at the Egyptian university level by what it provides of curricula, syllabus, and research methods allowing more community involvement.

Working on preparing qualified personnel of graduates who are capable of contributing effectively to community improvement throughout the advanced academic curricula they have studied which basically aims at achieving development and progress in all spheres of social life.


• Providing students with the knowledge and a sociological perspective on social relations between members of society, the community environment, and the social, economic, political, and kinship systems that comprise it, as well as the impact on their culture, in addition to training them to conduct different types of social research and acquiring the ability to collect quantitative and qualitative data, analyze it, and extract general results.

• The Department of Sociology contributes to the superior education program in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, the Social Psychological Sciences Programme (on four levels), and faculty members teach sociology subjects.