University Dormitories

University dormitories are considered one of the most important sectors of care for university students, whether it is (social, health, scientific, cultural, or sports) care, as they provide an integrated university life for their students, especially students who are estranged from their families.

It is the appropriate and appropriate social environment for the university student, as it takes care of first the scientifically superior student, then the expatriate student, in addition to students with special needs, whether health or social, within a certain percentage to support sound values ​​in general 24 hours a day in addition to that there is an integrated diet for all For students residing in cities, through which the three meals are provided and then developed according to the needs of students at this age, with the knowledge of professors who specialize in nutrition at the university.

It provides students residing in it with integrated care (accommodation – nutrition – activities, sports, social, and technical programs) to occupy their spare time. The student residing in university cities spends approximately 70% of his daily time inside it, and accordingly, all that the student needs is provided (eating meals) – Providing appropriate activities – Providing comfort and relaxation – Providing places for studying) 24 hours a day.

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