Innovation festival(the tenth season)

Ministry of Youth and Sporting will organize the innovation festival for the tenth season in a row for students of universities, high institutes, and governmental and private academies will participate in the festival nearly 40000 students compete in 22 cultural, scientific, artistic, and literary fields.

Literature and Cultural Journals:

(vernacular poetry-fusha poetry-words of the songs-short stories-theatrical composition-novel-correspondent-cultural league- social initiatives)

Scientific Innovation Field:

(engineering innovations, electrical cars, 3D printers-artificial intelligence and internet of things and its applications-entrepreneurship- automatic submarines and robotics)

Artistic Journal:

(music and singing-theatrical performances-singing theatre-folk arts-religious chanting and hymns-short movies)

Fine Arts Field:

(oil photography-light photography-artistic works-graphic and artistic printer-sculpture)

Please note that the finals will be first inside the university, then the nomination for the final judgment through an elite of great thinkes, literatuers, intellectuals, poets, and artists) and will be concluded with a great celebration to distribute prizes on winners; so those who want to participate must direct to the Youth Welfare Office.

Note: lately the terms of competition will be announced. 

1st semester exams for the academic year 2021/2022

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On Saturday corresponding to 15/1/2022 at 9:30 am 1st-semester for the academic year 2021/2022 exams started of students of the Faculty of Arts-first batch, it was decided that the exams of the third batch will be started on the same day at 1:pm, the exams of the second and fourth batches will be started tomorrow on Sunday corresponding to 16/1/2022, while the exams of the second batch will be at 9:30 am and the exams of the fourth batch will be at 1:pm.

According to the schedule of exams that are decided previously; Prof. Mohamed Al-Husseini-Vice-Dean for Student Affairs passed on the committees to ensure the exams process and stressed the necessity of applying precautionary measures to confront coronavirus and stressed on the committees’ observers to reply to the inquiries of students to remove any obstacles facing them.

Registration is open to student groups

Registration is open to student groups beginning from 15/1/2022, students who want to register must direct to ”Youth Welfare Office” to withdraw registration forms on the condition that the members of the group mustn’t be less than 30 students and a maximum of 50 students. Also, the family mustn’t be from one batch or one department as the registration is available to all students without conditions.   

An invitation to attend Arabic department seminars

An invitation to attend Arabic department seminars to obtain the doctoral degree for the researchers Ahmed Hussein Bakri and Adel Saad Abdel Aziz, and to obtain the master’s degree for the researcher Reda Mohamed Reda; on Wednesday 5/1/2022 at the headquarter of New Aswan City at the Faculty of Arts.


The visit of geography department to Saluja and Gazelle Reserve

Within the framework of cooperation between the Faculty of Arts -Geography Department and Environmental Affairs Authority, the geography and geographical information department organized a civil visit on Thursday 23/12/2021 to rocky islands in Aswan and Saluja and Gazelle Reserve in order to know the various natural, geomorphological, geological and botanical phenomena. The visit was under the supervision of a number of academic staff and their assistants in the department.

Visit of history department students to Elephantine Island and the Nubian Museum

Within the framework of the efforts of the history department to clarify historical scientific concepts of students’ curricula under the auspiece of the Excursions Committee of the student union at the Faculty of Arts, students of the history department paid a visit to Elephantine Island and the Nubian Museum on Thursday corresponding to 23/12/2021.

Aswan University Workers Syndicate holds a memorial ceremony for the late Khaled Siam, Secretary of the Faculty of Arts


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Aswan University Workers Union Committee held a memorial ceremony for the late / Khaled Siam, the former Secretary-General of the Faculty of Arts, and the memorial was witnessed by Prof. Dr. / Ayman Mahmoud Othman – president of Aswan University – and in the presence of a number of deans of the university faculties, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts, faculty members and their assistants, faculty workers and members of the workers union And His Eminence Sheikh / Muhammad Abdel Aziz – the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf – and Sheikh / Saud Mansour from endowment scholars and many of the university leaders, the family of the deceased of Aswan University and the son of the village of West Aswan.

        The memorial activities began with verses from the Noble Qur’an, then words for the audience platform. Prof. Dr. Ayman Othman emphasized the consolidation and strengthening of good relations between Aswan University employees and as a kind of giving back to the university’s loyal sons in their work and distinguished performance. The union lost an active and active member in the community, charitable and administrative work and the deceased was always at the service of his fellow union members and university employees.

          Mr. Mahmoud Sanusi – General Director of Human Resources at the university and vice-president of the Syndicate – pointed to the good relationship of the late / Khaled Siam with all his colleagues from the university and the Faculty of Arts and that he will remain immortal in the hearts of all, and offered his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased.

          Professor Khaled Asian, Assistant Secretary-General of the University, explained that the memorial events dealt with a review of his personal and practical biography through a documentary film about his career and the words of his colleagues affecting his lament, praying to God Almighty to bless him with His mercy and to inspire his family and relatives patience and solace. At the conclusion of the memorial service, his family was honored in recognition of his dedication to work.

An Invitation to attend a seminar of the library department

An invitation to attend the seminars of the Library Department for researchers

Shaima Muhammad Ali – to obtain a master’s degree

Omar Jamal Ibrahim to obtain a Ph.D

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 14/12/2021, at the university headquarters in New Aswan, in the building of the Faculty of Arts