Arabic Department


The Department of Arabic Language seeks to achieve leadership and excellence in its field of specialization locally and regionally, to gain the trust and service of the community in line with the developments of the times, and to stimulate education from a global perspective.


Educational research is represented in preserving and caring for the language of the Noble Qur’an and providing the community with qualified scientific and skillful competencies that contribute to the advancement of its society and fulfill its human and development needs. It also seeks to link the Arabic linguistic heritage with contemporary with its diverse approaches.


1- Providing the student with knowledge of the sciences based on the Arabic language.

2- Helping the student to learn about his nation’s past and civilization in order to preserve the Arab-Islamic identity and local culture

3- Enabling the student to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to carry out the task of teaching

4- Providing the student with the necessary skills to keep pace with modern trends in scientific research in the field of the Arabic language.