Arabic Department
No. Subject
1 Special Topic in Islamic Studies
2 Eastern Language (Persian-Hebrew)
3 modern European language
4 Heritage realization methods
5 A topic in ancient Arabic literature
6 topic in phonology
7 Research Methods in Literature and Language
8 A topic in modern Arabic literature
9 Stylistics
10 Language Problems
11 Contemporary linguistic theories
English Department
No. Subject
1 Bibliography and research methods
2 Poetry
3 Novel
4 Drama
5 Criticism
French Department
No. Subject
1 Linguistic research methods 
2 Literary Research Methods
3 Comparative literature
4 Research exercises + applied research
5 Modern French literature
6 Modern language learning theories
History Department (Islamic History Section)
No. Subject
1 Search methods
2 oriental language
3 applied research
4 sources
5 Documentary historical study
6 modern European language
History Department (Ancient History Section)
No. Subject
1 search base
2 A topic from the history of ancient Egypt
3  A topic from the ancient civilization of Egypt
4 Egyptian Antiquities
5 Museum art
6 ancient Egyptian language
7 Coptic language
8 Historical texts in a modern European language
9 Egyptian temples in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras
Media Department
No. Subject
1 Research methods and writing a specialized research
2 Media subject in the European language
3 Applied statistics in media studies
4 Specialized subject decided by the department
5 search base
6 Arabic