ICTP Projects

ICTP Projects


The electronic portal project aims to create a unified space to deal with various data sources in universities and make it available to those who deal with universities including students, professors, researchers, graduates, and different administrative levels, to raise the efficiency of education, achievement, and university performance.


1-Providing a unified portal that includes all public universities and their colleges in Arabic and English on the Internet.

2-Displaying the key information of universities and colleges in one place, including information, access maps, management statistics, university and college vision, mission, and goals.

3-Decentralized dissemination of university and college news to train work teams on modern publishing methods that rely on digital content management.

4-Displaying university and college electronic services and building links to them on their websites.

5-Demonstrating the development services provided by the Ministry of Higher Education to familiarise the university community with these services and maximize their benefit.

6-The establishment of a single portal allows site visitors to examine the activities of other Egyptian colleges and universities, hence increasing communication between universities and colleges.

7-Increasing connection between Egyptian and foreign colleges, as well as non-Arabic speakers, through the existence of English portals and the provision of news exchange services.

8-Increasing the importance of university and college major sites through the introduction of several new outlets leading to these sites’ addresses.

Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System Center has been established to achieve a full system of management information including a comprehensive database for providing the highest level of decision, making support for all different axes of the project (student affairs, postgraduate studies, research affairs, teaching staff) to provide accurate, full and timely data on which the decision maker depends on it.


1- Transforming the university departments concerned with the project from manual work to electronic work, using new educational patterns, achieving integrated mechanization of university departments, and preparing the university community to deal with them through directed and continuous training. These departments are:-

Student Affairs – Personnel Affairs – Faculty Members and Assistants Affairs – Postgraduate Studies – University Dormitories

2- Support each member of:

employees – teaching staff –  department heads- university council.