The library visitors should follow the following instructions:

  • Leave tools and bags outside the library’s hall.
  • Don’t leave any money or valuable things in the bags.
  • Don’t enter the library with any books or notebooks.
  • Don’t enter the library with personal laptops. Group studying is forbidden.
  • Deliver your faculty ID card and register your information on the library’s computer.
  • Keep quiet and don’t disturb and switch off your phone inside the library.
  • Ask the librarian when requesting a book.
  • Use the contents gently, preserve it, and don’t write on it.
  • No more two books on the table for one student.
  • Leave the book on the table after looking at it.
  • Outside borrowing isn’t allowed in case of unavailability of other copies.
  • The students will be trained by the librarian to learn how to search in the digital library on the library’s computers.
  • The library’s administration has the right to ban whoever disobeys these instructions from benefiting from its services after consulting with the faculty’s administration.