Doctoral Students

Doctoral Students of the Arabic department

No. Name Title of the Thesis
1 Khaled Mohamed Abdel Rahim Symptoms of Composition in “Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi” a casual grammatical study.
2  The Almoravid era until the end of the state of Bani Marin 869-448 AH / 1056-1465 AD.
Mamdouh Ali Mohamed Abdel Aal
Textual correlation in the diwan of Ali bin al-Jahm
3 Mohammed Ahmed Ali Hassan Elements of textual linking in Diwan Al-Baha Zuhair “A Study in the Light of the Science of Text Language”
4 Mai Ismail Mohamed Hassanein The Impact of Prisons on the Movement of Poetry in the Abbasid Era “An Artistic Stylistic Study”.
5 Ali Hassan Mahmoud Ahmed Both Surahs of Ash-Shura and Al-Hajj is a linguistic study in the light of textual linguistics.
6 Abdul Basit Mohammad Abdo The Novel The Return of the Soul by Tawfiq al-Hakim, a stylistic linguistic study.

Doctoral Students of the History department

No. Name Title of the Thesis
1 Arafa Mahmoud Mustafa Parliamentary life in Federal Germany “1949-1990 AD”.
2 Ruqaya Abdul Karim Farag Allah British policy toward the crises of the Middle East (1951-1971).
3 Heba Dhahi Mohamed Ahmed Iranian-Iraqi relations in the second millennium BC.
4 Hoda Mohammad Hammad Abdullah Councils of preaching and preachers in Iraq from the beginning of the Abbasid era until the end of Seljuk rule (590-132 AH / 750-1193 AD)
5 Naima Boreaa Ramadan Foods and Beverages in Al-Maghrib al-Aqsa from the Almoravid era until the end of the state of Bani Marin 869-448 AH / 1056-1465 AD.

Doctoral Students of the English department

No. Name Title of the Thesis
1 Reham Fouad Mohamed Ahmed Biculturalism in selected novels and short stories by contemporary Arab American women writers.
2 Haitham Omar Abdul Qawi Features of literature in the main programs of Arab satellite channels: talk shows as a model
3 Doaa Mahmoud Saeed Hybridity is a critical trend post-colonial in the major novels of Kiran Desai and Ahdaf Soueif
4 Sahar Abdel Qawi Younes The Image of the Soldier in the Poetry of War by Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Endel Jarrell, and James Dickey: A Perspective of Modern Historiography
5 Wael Mohamed Abdel Baqi Restoring harmony with nature in selected poems by the poets’ Don Mackay and Nye Osander, a comparative study in the light of the environmental criticism
6 Ahmed Mohamed Abdo Kenawy Analyzing of selected poems of Radwa Ashour and Tarek Ali in the light of the concept of Beyond historical fiction
7 Ahmed Abdul Majeed Ahmed The phonetic change resulting from the English language on the Arabic language among the British of Egyptian origin.