Registered and awarded students in the master and doctoral degree (history department)

First: Registered and awarded students in the master’s degree (history department):

Sondos Syed Mohamed Ahmed The social and cultural life in Britain in the Victorian era”1837-1901 AD” historical vision
Howayda Ibrahim Abdullah Sayed The role of the scholastic and political trends in the guidance of African Historical writings from the 3rd century to the 7th AH century
Osama Mahmoud Mohamed Yassin Aswan in the second part of the 20th century
Hussein Mohamed Hassan Ali Yemeni Egyptian Relationships (1952-1979AD) 
Esraa Seif El-Nasr Abdel-Raouf Shad Sherbakhaneh in Egypt and Al-Sham through the Mamluk era (648-923 AH / 1250-1517 AD)
Ahmed Anwar Hassan Hegazy Military coups and civil wars in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria and Ghana as a model) (1967/1960)
Ola Murad Mustafa Ibrahim The impact of World War II on Portuguese colonies in Africa (1939-1975 AD).
Asmaa Muhammed Abul Fadl Soviet interests in the Horn of Africa during the Cold War (1945-1990 AD).
Hana Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Abdul Hafez European Conferences and their Role in the Cancellation of Slave Trade (1815-1926 AD)
Shaima Abdel Dayem Badr El Din The issue of Alsace and Lorraine and its impact on the African continent (1870-1919 AD)
Maha Abdullah Abu Al-Makarem The princes of Alashroat in Egypt and the Levant during the Circassian Mamluk era (784-923 AH / 1383-1517 AD)
Eman Halaby Abdellah Muhammad Fortunes of scientists and jurists in Andalus since the Islamic Conquest until the end of the era of cults (Al Tawayef Era) 92-479 AH / 711-1086 AD
Alaa Nasr Salama Ibrahim Modes of the  Horn of Africa area during the period from 1935 to 1945
Eman Saber Mohamed Morsi The physical punishments according to Greeks through the classic era (500-323 BC).
Hadeel Hamdy Ahmed Maher The economic activity of Theadelphia village in the Romanian Era(30 BC until 284 AD).
Hadir Mohamed Gamal El Din Abdel Moneim The role of merchants in spreading Islam in China during the Abbasid era (132-656 AH / 749-1258 AD)
Walaa Jamal Ismail Muhammad Bekind city since the Islamic open until the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate (88-656AH) (707-1258AD) political and cultural study.
Shaima Ahmed Al-Sadiq Mohammed Al Hala city from the 6th century until the end of the 8th AH(12-14AD) political and cultural study.
Shadia Zine El Abidine Ahmed Kenya in the Israeli strategy (1979-2002 AD).
Economic, military, and political relations between Libya and Britain from the Libyan revolution in 1969 until the Lockerbie accident in 1988
Tuqa Mukhtar Muhammad Mukhtar Foreign Lybian Policies towards Africa(1969- 2001) AD
Sahar Saber Gad The Libyan role in Africa 1969-1988
Asmaa Abdul Reda Ahmed British policy towards Nigeria (1960-1990 AD).
Rafaida Mohammed Hamza Israeli ambitions and their effects on the East African region (1967-1990 AD).
 Awatif Abul-Hassan Eid Oman and its civilized role in East Africa 1806-1856 AD
Ali Ahmed Mohamed Britain Italic Relationships during the period between the two world wars(1919-1939 AD).


Hind Rajab Muhammad Musa Timber trade between ancient Egypt and Syria from the ancient state until the end of the Late Period (2780-378) BC
Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Hassan The political conflicts in Iraq(1958-1963 AD).
Maha Mahmoud Ibrahim Private fortunes in the Almoravid and Almohad eras in Morocco (448-668 AH/1056-1270 AD).
Amira Ahmed Abdo Ali Religious distractions in Morocco and Andalus in the era of believers(541-668 AH / 1146-1270 AD).
Samar Sabry Ahmed Khalil Libyan-Uganda relations (1969-1979)
Ola Mahmoud Taha Othman The Ottoman-Russian conflict over the Balkans (1699-1812)
Hayam Taha Saleh  The Nile River and its effect on the Egyptian Community through the Fatimid Era ( (358-567 AH / 969-1171 AD)
Yousra Abdel Ghaffar Muhammad Zummar province in the first three centuries of the immigration (Al Highra)
Yasmine Othman Taha Social Repairs of August in Roma in light of the Writtings of the Classic Writers (27 BC-14AD).
Zainab Hussain Al-Sayed The Arms Race in the Egyptian Israel Conflict(1955-1973) AD 
Yasmine Hossam El Din Mohamed Ahmed Al-Jemdar in Egypt through the Mumalks Era ”historical and civilized study” (648-923 AH / 1250-1517 AD).
Marina Ezzat Habib The political and religious role of women in the Merovingian period (490-751 AD).
Zainab Ali Muhammad Ali Lahj province from the third century until the ninth century AH (200-858 AH / 812-1454 AD) “A political and civilized study”
Ahmed Mahmoud Abdullah Sayed The judiciary in Rome during the last century of the Republican era (133-30 BC)
Mustafa Hamada Farouk Muhammad “Political and military relations between Numidia and Carthage during the Punic Wars (146-264 BC)
“An analytical historical study in the light of the study of ancient sources”
Randa Hafez Ahmed Mohamed The Numidian Military Resistance during the Roman Occupation (146 BC-24 AD) “A historical and analytical study in the light of the study of ancient sources”
Rabab Saber Bilal The policy of the Seleucids towards the Jews in Palestine 223-163 BC “A historical and analytical study”
Rehab Kamal Al-Din Hussein Political amnesty in the Maghreb from the era of the rulers until the end of the Almohad state (92-668 AH / 714-1269 AD)
Reham Mahmoud Abdel Moataal  Presents and funeral gifts in the era of the old state “a historical and civilized study”
Amira Muhammad Abdullah Khalaf Allah Absenteeism from the original home in Egypt during the Ptolemaic and Roman eras in the light of papyrus documents
Mervat Ahmed Mohamed Healthy Nutrition in Ancient Egypt (historical civilized study)
Aya Ahmed Orabi White People and Power in the South of Africa Federation in the period (1910-1961 AD)
Ahmed Refaat Ahmed Abdel Meguid Egyptian and Hittites administration in the Levant during the Late Bronze Age (1550-1200 BC).
Azza Kamal Waheed El-Sayed Pleading and submission in ancient Egypt during the era of the modern state (a historical and civilized study)
Abdullah Ahmed Hammam Diseases and their impact on political life in the era of the Bahri Mamluk and Circassian sultans 923-648 AH / 1265-1517 AD
Wafaa Juma Muhammad Ahmad Burial of the Dead in Roman Egypt “A Historical Analytical Study in the Light of the Study of Ancient Civilization”
Abdul Hamid Sarhan Abdo The case of Jagboub Oasis in the Egyptian Parliament (1924-1935 AD).
Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed Suleiman The Syrian position on the Palestinian issue (1948/1958 AD).
Asmaa Muhammed Abd Rabbo The Tajibs in Andalusia since the Islamic conquest until the end of the era of the kings of the sects “A political and civil study” 484-92 AH / 711-1091 AD
Hani Eid Ali Awad The city of Tarim Thebe (Alameda) during the Roman era “A historical and analytical study”
Abu Bakr Muhammad Zaki Hassouna Settlement of the border dispute over the Buraimi Oasis and its impact on the Arabian Gulf (1949-1974 AD).
Mustafa Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Dedications and their historical significance in the temple of Athena Linda – reading in literary sources
Aya Abdel-Wareth Selim Egypt’s policy towards the Eritrean issue (1958-1993 AD)
Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Ali Military supplies from the time of the Prophet until the end of the Umayyad era (2-132 AH / 623-750 AD).
Anwar Abu Al-Makarem Safie The city of Biskra in Morocco during the era of Beni Mazni (678-804 AH / 1280-1402 AD) a historical and civilized study
Salwa Abul-Naga Huzien Economic relations between Egypt and the Nile Basin countries (1952-1970)
Fatima Zahra Saad Mohammed Beasts of transport in Roman Egypt (30 BC – 284 AD) A documentary study in the light of the papyri
Esraa Abdel Hafez Ahmed Islamic tombstones from Lower Nubia from the third to the fifth century AH, “Historical Study”
Amira Muhammad Al-Muntasir Sultan The effect of water on the military battles in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic East (11-232 AH / 632-847 AD)
Ali Ahmed Mohamed British-Italian Relations in the Interwar Period (1919-1939)
Roaaya Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed Nubian deities during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (323 BC / AD 284).
Hamdy Ahmed Hussein Governments of Muhammad Mahmoud (1928-1939)
Eman Sabry Abdulaziz The German role in the establishment of the State of Israel (1933-1948)
Rayah Ahmed Abdel-Zaher Mohamed The Believers State and its Foreign Relations (514-640 AH / 1120-1242 AD) “a historical and civilized study”
Fatima Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Nasf from the Islamic conquest until the fall of the Abbasid state (92 AH / 656 AH) – (710 AD – 1258 AD). A historical and cultural study

Second: Registered and awarded students in the doctoral degree (history department) from 2012 to 2021:

Hajar Muhammad Ahab People with disabilities in the ancient world: a case study of Egypt in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods until the end of the third century AD
Amal Shaaban Abdel Aal Crafts and Industries in Sudan and the Valley of Nile in the century (9-11 AH/15-17 AD).
Saleh Muhammad Muhammad Omar The Egyptian position on Israel’s political and military relations in West Africa (1957-1974)
Hassan Mohamed Gabr Models of the Khedivial Palaces in the era of Ismail in Cairo (historical and archaeological study) (1863-1879 AD)
Hani Eid Ali Awad Swearing in Egypt during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods
Ali Abdul Hamid Ali Muhammad Britain’s economic policy in southwest Africa 1920-1966
Mustafa Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Roman-African Relations during the Julio-Claudian Dynasty (27 BC – 68 AD)
Khaled Muhammed Abd Allah American Policy Towards Spain(1953—1963)
Esraa Saleh Mustafa The interior conflicts in the independent states in the Islamic orient states and their impact on the interior and external states since the beginning of aL-Tahirid state until the fall down of Al-Gorithm state ( 205-628 AH/  820-1231 AD)
Anwar Abu Al-Makarem net Dhimmis in the Islamic Maghreb through Nawazil Al-Wancharisi
Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Ali Political Isolation in Al-Andulos ((138-635 AH / 756-1237 AD)
Esraa Abdel Hafez Ahmed Isolation and occupational exclusion in the Islamic state from the era of the Rashidun Caliphate until the end of the first Abbasid era
Amira Muhammad Al-Muntasir Sultan Tombstones from the Aswan Cemetery from the beginning of the sixth century until the end of the eighth century AH, “a historical and civilized study”
Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmoud Hammam The effect of water on military battles in the Islamic East during the second Abbasid era (232-656 AH / 847-1258 AD)
Ali Ahmed Mohamed Ali The development of the local system in Egypt1960-1988
Ahmed Al-Abd Ahmed Ismail European powers’ situations towards the civil war in Spain(1936-1939)AD
Jihad Mohamed Hassan Amin Slave-women of palaces in the era of the Umayyad dynasty and the kings of the sects in Andalusia 138-488 AH / 755-1095 AD
Khaled Sayed El Noubi Ali Political relations between the states of the Taifas during the fifth century AH / eleventh century AD and their impact on Andalusia
Mona Ahmed Nabil Shehata Voice of the Arabs Radio and its role in supporting the Algerian revolution 1954-1962
Eman Sabry Abdel Aziz The Union of South Africa during World War II (1939-1945)
Mahmoud Mohsen Amin Shaarawy Social conditions in Tanganyika under German colonialism (1884-1919)
Arafa Mahmoud Mustafa Mohamed Economic and social life in Nigeria 1900-1960 AD
Hoda Mohamed Hammad Abdullah The economy of Sudan during the period of dual rule (1899-1956 AD) “Agriculture as a Model”
Heba Dahi Mohamed Ahmed Parliamentary Life in Federal Germany “1949-1990 AD”.
Ruqaya Abdul Karim Farag Allah Preaching councils in Iraq from the beginning of the Abbasid era until the end of the Seljuk rule (590-132 AH / 750-1193 AD)
Naima Boraee Ramadan Iranian -Iraqi Relations in the second thousand BC.
Abdullah Ahmed Hammam British policy towards the crises of the Middle East (1951-1971).
Nahla Yassin Hassan Mohamed Food and drink in the Far Maghreb from the Almoravid era until the end of the state of Bani Marin 869-448 AH/1056-1465AD
Sarah Ali Abdul Majeed Diseases and their impact on political life since the Islamic conquest until the end of the Fatimid era (21-567 AH / 641-1171 AD)
Abdel Hamid Sarhan Abdo Mahmoud Lebanon’s foreign policy during the era of President Fouad Chehab (1958 – 1964 AD)
Wafaa Juma Muhammad Ahmad Crimes and Punishments in the City of Constantinople (330-565 AD), a historical study.
Mohamed Saber Bakr Manna Russian-Mongol Relations (620-910 AH / 1223-1505 AD).
Marwa Muhammad Al-Saeed Ali Kenya’s foreign policy 1963-1978
Safa Youssef Hamed Gad Al Mawla  Aswan the Southern Borders of Egypt In the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, “An Egyptian historical study in the light of the study of ancient sources.”
Ahmed Adel Hassan Medicine and treatment in Sudan during the era of the Egyptian administration (1821-1885).
Aya Abdel-Warith Salim Ahmed Study of a group of papyri from the Egyptian Museum under numbers 58001 – 58006 CG, a historical linguistic study
Safa Youssef Hamed Gad Al Mawla Japanese commercial interests in Egypt 1900-1941 AD
Ahmed Adel Hassan Observing change in the Roman Relations with BithyniaThe era of the Julio-Claudian family, a “historical study”.
Aya Abdel-Wareth Salim Ahmed German-Zanzibar Relations (1886-1917 AD)