Registered and Awarded students (master-doctoral)-geography department

Registered students for the master’s degree from 2017 to 2021:

Aya Abdullah Gad Abdullah The city of Daraw: A study in urban geography using geographic information systems
Martina Mailad Jonah Production and consumption of drinking water in the city of Aswan “A study in economic geography”
Ibrahim Mahmoud Al Saadi Geomorphological hazards in archaeological areas in Aswan Governorate (using GIS and remote sensing techniques)
Asma Khaled Badawy The geographical analysis of the poverty map in Aswan Governorate “a study in population geography using geographic information systems.”
Zainab Suleiman Mahmoud The low part of Abd valley in the eastern desert of Egypt ”A Study in the Applied Geomorphology”by using geographical information systems.
Muhammad Al-Nubi Hasab Allah Geomorphology of the western desert margin between Aswan Reservoir and Edfu (A study in applied geomorphology) (using GIS and remote sensing)
Najwa Ibrahim Rady Changing the elections circles in the upper Egypt governorates” applied study in the geographical policy” (using GIS )
Mohamed Mamdouh Mohamed Hussein Geomorphology of sediments around the High Dam lake using GIS and remote sensing
Noran Bahjat Syed Abdul Muttalib The Northwest Coast of Egypt “A Study in the Geography of Tourism”
Using geographic information systems and remote sensing
Basma Mohamed Abdel Basset Said Urban sprawl on agricultural land in Kom Ombo Center “A Study in Urban Geography”
Using geographic information systems and remote sensing.
Asma Issa Mustafa The impact of the climate-changing on the water resources and their consumption” a study in the natural geography 
Mai Mustafa Mohamed Saleh Managing the solid rubbishes in Aswan governorate ”a study in the environmental geography”

Second: awarded students for the master’s degree from 2017 to 2021:

Ahmed Mohamed Issa Mohamed The Quality of the Urban Life in Aswan ” a study in the urban geography by using GIS”

Third: awarded students for the Ph.d. degree from 2018 to 2021:

Mahmoud Saad El-Din Ibrahim The industry of materials of building and refractories and the capabilities of their development in the upper Egypt region, a study in the economic geography by using GIS.
Mustafa Mohamed Abdelwahab The place analysis for slums in the civilized region of Giza governorate a study in the economic geography by using GIS. 
Mohamed Morsi Amin Mohamed Modeling changes in the land use map in the city of Aswan in the period from 1990 to 2020 A.D. “A study in urban geography”