Registered and granted master’s and doctorate degrees in the Arabic Department

First, registered and awarded master’s students from the year 2011 to 2021

Sarah Ismail Abbas Ghalib Islamic Trend in the stories of Kamel Kaylanie for children
Reda Abdel Shakour The Nubian issue in the novel innovation of Idris Ali-critic study
Doaa Muhammed Muhajir Photo of the nature of the pendants poets-artistic neutral topic
Taha Ali Ahmed Othman The sarcastic tendency in Youssef Al-Sabbay novels-analytic study
Omaima Suleiman Musa Muhammad Arabism in Al-Mutanabbi poetry-analytic study
Maha Mustafa Hamdan Ali Time in Badr Shaker Sayyab poetry-analytic study
Sawsan Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein Measuring upon the meaning according to Ibn Jani In his book ”Characteristics” – A Study in the Light of Text Linguistics
Alaa Mohamed Azab Literature of the Arab rulers in pre-Islamic era ” artistic study”-old

Artistic specializations for prose according to the Arab rulers’ pre-Islamic era  -new

Hana Mohamed Mahmoud Grammatical manners in the Omarian letters
Mohamed Saad Gad Attia The duality of darkness and light in the civil Quran, a rhetorical study
Tawfiq Mahmoud Doaa The Pictorial Paradox in the Divan of Songs of Life by Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi
Asmaa Ahmed The artistic image in the (Egyptian) women’s miraculous stories, selected models
Mahmoud Kamal Amin The pessimistic tendency between Ibn Al-Roumi and Abu Al-Ala Al-Ma’arri’s “An Analytical Balancing Study”.
Zainab Ahmed Hassan Phonemic symmetry according to Ibn Jani by his book’ ‘Characterizations” study and analysis
Esraa Rabie Ahmed Repetition in the collection poems of Abu Ishaq Alberi
Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ahmed Idris Poetry of Dr. Yousseif Khalief ”stylistic study”
Mahmoud Hegazy Mohamed Hegazy The Book of Science from Sahih Al-Bukhari “a pragmatic study”
Iman Mustafa Abdo Ahmed The technical structure of the poem in the poetry of Al-Tamlemmus Al-Dabai’s “An Analytical Study”
Mona Mahmoud Jamea Khalil The structure of the image In the poetry of Al-Fayafi among the pre-Islamic poets, “a stylistic study”
Mahmoud Ahmed Hussein Ali The Egyptian novel between diagnosis and history of the 1919 revolution between Naguib Mahfouz’s trilogy and the return of the soul by Tawfiq al-Hakim
Abdel Radi Ali Gad Mahmoud The Islamic Spirit in the Poetry of Muhammad Abdul Muttalib: A Stylistic Study
Samira Ahmed Abdel Rahim The Virgin Spinning in the Poetry of Katheer Azza and Al-Abbas bin Al-Ahnaf “A Balancing Approach”
Saeed Abdel Moeen Mohammed Lamenting the ephemeral cities and kingdoms of Ibn Al-Abar Al-Quda’i by Abu Al-Baqa Al-Randy “A Study of a Balancing Approach”
Ahmed Abdel Hamid Mohamed Abdellah The stylistic structures in Khalil Mardam Bey’s poetry
Abeer Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Syntax symptoms in Juz Amma “A grammatical semantic study”
Walid Abdel Sattar Abdel Wahed Intertextuality in the poetry of Mahmoud Hassan – Ismail – an artistic study
Afaf Abdel Salam Ahmed Ibn Zaydun’s poetry “a pragmatic study”
Mahmoud Ibrahim Mohamed Intertextuality in Abdul Majeed Farghali’s Poetry “A Semantic Study”
Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Family Kinship In the light of Sahih Muslim, “An Applied and Authentic Study”
Hind Barakat Ramadan Ahmed The impact of the tone on the integrity of the Qur’anic performance in the light of the theory of the stress balance “Jaz Amma as a model”
Asmaa Muhammad Ali The stylistic structures in the poetry of Ibn Darraj al-Qastali “a semantic study”
Alaa Al-Badri Abdel-Zaher Dialogue in the Meccan Qur’an “a stylistic study”
Walid Abdel Hafeez Thabet A phenomenon that is not predominant in grammatical and morphological studies “An Analytical Study”
Ma’ala Abul-Hassan Zidan Rhythmic strength in Ahmed Bakhit’s poetry “a semantic study”
Diaa El Din Ahmed Kamel Mahmoud Techniques of the poem between the two princes Ibn Al-Moataz and Ibn Al-Mu’izz “A balancing study”
Mohamed Ahmed Abbas The Watery Arjoza in Remembrance of the Condition of the Goodness of the Beast – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – by Ibn Abi Al-Ezz Al-Hanafi “A Syntactic and Semantic Study”
Mahmoud Ahmed Gad Mawla The position of Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi (d. 745 AH) from the grammarians in his book (The Jokes Al-Hassan fi Sharh Ghayat Al-Ihsan) “An Analytical Study”
Taha Abu Al-Ela Ismail Numbers and calculations in the legal rulings (worships) in the Qur’an and Sunnah “objective study”
Taha Muhammad Mustafa The approach of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in facing crises, “objective study”
Walaa M’mun Jamea Hussein Manifestations of intertextuality in the poetry of Al-Talafri
Esraa Atef Abdel-Mobdi Attia Echoes of Naguib Mahfouz’s autobiography and its translation: A Comparative Approach to Narrative Discourse Analysis

Second: the registered and awarded doctoral’ students from 2011 to 2021:

Obaid Ibrahim Obaid Ahmed Marriage and Divorce Book in Sahih Muslim-grammatical and semantic study
Wafaa Abdullah Muhammad The brilliant investigation, Explanation of the Similarities and Analogies, by the scholar Muhammad Hebbat Allah Al-Taji Al-Hanafi, who died in 1224 AH. Introduction and the first rule of the first art, investigation, and study.
Amira Bashir Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hawadi, Explanation of the Paths, by the scholar Hamza bin Turgood, Nur al-Din al-Aydini, al-Rumi, who died in 979 AH. Introduction and semantics, investigation and study.
Khaled Mohamed Abdel Rahim Mohamed North Adfu Dialect-Kalh Gharb – a linguistic study
Mohamed Ahmed Ali Hassan Grammatical characteristics in the hadiths of financial transactions in Sahih Muslim.
Mamdouh Ali Mohamed Abdel Aal Surat al-Shu`araa study in textual linguistics.
Ali Mohamed El-Sawy Hassan Textual coherence in Antarah Divan- a study in the light of textual linguistics
Abu Al-Wafa Yahya Ali Hefni Characteristics of the technical structure in the communities and brotherhood poetry of Hafez Ibrahim-Analytic Study
Zainab Najeh Sayed Muhammad Shalateen dialect and its villages – a linguistic study
Sayed Bastawy Gad Body languages in the verses of the Holy Qur’an-grammatical semantic study
Roqaya Mahmoud Sayed Ali Khansa Divan-grammatical semantic study
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Numerous signal adjectives of one described in the Holy Qur’an-”rhetorical study” 
Jalal Abbas Nour Ahmed Charity (Zakat) Book in Sahih Muslim a grammatical and semantic study
Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al-Kharshi The seven pendants’ poetry in the light of the receiving theory ”analytic study” 
Emad Saadi Al-Tayeb The reason dialogue of grammarians”Ibn Jana is a model”
Karima Jaber Berberi The infrastructure of the poetry theatre of ”Abdul Rahman Al-Sharqawi”
Asmaa Musa Ahmed Nazik Angels Divan in the light of ”Linguistics Study”
Abdel Raouf Abdel Aziz Kenawy Syntax in Ali Mahmoud Taha’s Poetry “A Semantic Syntactic Study”
Mohamed Abdel Majid Mahmoud Mousa The phenomenon of deletion in Ali Al-Jarm’s Divan, “a stylistic study.”
Amany Metwally Abdo Hamed Building the character in the novels of Youssef Idris – a critical study
Ola Barakat Ahmed The grammatical comments of Ibn Hisham Al-Masry on the opinions of Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi “Study and Analysis”
Nashwa Mustafa Ahmed Wrong Manners and Integrity offenses in the Light of Shafi’i School
Samira Muhammed Hussain The effect of adversities in Ibn Al-Moatz Poetry”artistic study”
Abdullah Qarni Ahmed Grammatical Remains from old Arabic”grammatical and phonetics study”
Mohamed Rakaby Ahmed Ali Allowance and prohibition according to Sibawayh and AL-Fara’ in Grammatical Matters
Asmaa Orabi  Abdul Rahman Artistic Image in Mohamed Tawfik Ali Poetry ”rhetorical study”
Saleh Muhammad Ali Formations of the conflicts in the poetic theatre of Farouk Jweidah