Submission Papers of Master Degree( inside the faculty)

1-Getting the approval of the dean of the faculty regarding the registration; that will be extracted from postgraduate studies office inside the faculty.

2-An approval from the employer ( if he’s working) in the case of not submitting during the preliminary.

3-A photo of ID.

4-A number of 4 photos.

5-A number of 2 plastic envelopes.

6-Passing certification of English course and be accredited from the center in Aswan University in the case of  taken it outside Aswan University.

7-The origin of preliminary certification.

8- The origin of subjects certification that have been studied in the preliminary phase.

9-A request from the head of the department for approving on the seminar.

10-The origin of the Arabic department for all departments.

11- Applying file with a price of 50 le from postgraduate studies office.

12- The origin of research plan plus 2 photos be accredited from supervisors and head of the department.

13-10 copies of plan before seminar be distributed on the academic staff of the department.


1-5 le medical stamps-extracted from the faculty.

2-5 le educational stamps-extracted from the faculty.

Studying fees

2510 le .

Note: this price is decided for only this year and fees change every year.

Important Notes

1-Student himself must come for applying.

2-The requested papers wither origins or copy have to be stamped with the eagle seal .

3-Paying fees by visa of any bank except (Faisal Islamic Bank) and must contain the mentioned price.

4-Papers have to be submitted entirely without any lacking otherwise the papers will not be accepted.