The registered and awarded students of master’s and doctoral degrees-English Department

First: the registered and awarded students of the master’s  degree from 2013 to 2022:

Hani Gabra Attieh The political theatre in the trilogy of the nineties of David Haines” study for form and content”
Bashayer Ahmed Abdel Zaki Linguistic analysis to the manner of the social media tools studying cases for both written Arabic and English languages 
Hoda Mohammed Hashem Dual Identity: the study of subject and manner of the anthology of Derek Walcott’s poems 
Amany El Badry Ahmed Bakheet The Theme of Miscegenation in Some Representative plays of Alice Childress
Amira Hussein Ahmed Orabi Rendering Egyptian Cultural Elements into English as Manifested in the Translation of Naguib Mahfouz’s Palace of Desire
Mayar Mahmoud Ahmed Genre Theory and Concrete Poetry: Critical Study of Selected Poems
Khaled Abdel Tawab Hassan “Verbal Repetition and Parallelism in Nizar Qabbani’s Balqis (1982): A Stylistic Study
Maryam Mustafa Kamel

The Relationship between The Orient and The Occident in terms of The Concepts of Utopia and Dystopia.

Alaa Muhammed Hussain Dystopia in Postmodern American Fiction with Reference to Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story (2010), Eggar’s “The Circle (2013), and Franzen’s Purity (2015).
Enas Mohamed Said “A Postcolonial Ecocritical Reading of Yanagi! Yanagai! (2003)by Andrea James and The Berlin Blues(2008)by Drew Taylor
Shaima Al-Sayed Muhammad Ali Al-Sayed A Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of Some Selected Poems by Maya Angelou
TasbihAdel Mohamed Abdel Samie A New-historicist Reading of David Hare’s Fanshen (1975), Plenty
(1978) and Stuff-Happens (2004)
Marwa Abul-Hassan Abdul-Wahhab

“Environmental Issues in Linda Hogans Novels: An Eco-Critical Study of Mean Spirit (1990), Solar Storms (1995) and Power (1998)

Second: the registered awarded students of the doctoral degree from 2013 to 2022:

Sahar Abdel Qawi Younes The Image of theSoldier in Selected War Poems of Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Randall Jarrell, and James Dickey: A New Historicism Approach
Ahmed Mohamed Abdo Kenawy Analysis of selected novels of Radwa Ashour and Tarek Ali in light of the concept of what’s after the historical metafiction
Manar Taha Ibrahim Ahmed The feminist awareness across cultures as it’s embodied in selected plays of Rohina Malik, Susan Laurie Parks, Wendy Wasserstein
Anas Mohamed El Sayed Ahmed “The Image of Homeland in the Plays of Gao Xingjian , Anne Garcia – Romero and Winsome Pinnock
( ATrans – cultural Study of Some Selected Plays)
Tasbieh Adel Mohamed Abdel Samie Power Dynamics in Selected Plays by Yousef El Guindi, Ayad Akhtar and Heather Raffo 
Shaima Elsayed Mohamed “Strategies of Political Persuasion : A Rhetorical Analysis of Nigel Farage’s Speeches at the European Parliament (2010- 2020)
Hossam Abdel Hamid Gad “The Concept of Performance in “Trouble in Mind ”(1955) by Alice Childress and “ Sweat”” (2015) by Lynn Nottage: A Comparative Study in the Light of the “Performance Theory
Riham Foud Mohamed Ahmed Cultural Duality in Selected Novels and Short Stories of Contemporary Arab-American Women Writers
Haitham Omar Abdul-Kawi Impoliteness in Major Arab Television Discourse: Talk–Show Programs as an Example.
Doaa Mahmoud Saeed Hybridity as a Post-Colonial Trend in the Major Novels of Kiran Desai and Ahdaf Soueif
Ahmed Abdul-Majeed Ahmed First Language Phonological Attrition in Egyptian-British Immigrants
Wael Mohamed Abdul-Baqi Regaining Harmony with Nature in Selected Poems by Don Mckay and Niyi Osundare :
An Eco-Critical, Comparative Study.