Work Fields


The graduate student can work as an Arabic teacher in schools whether in governmental or private schools or work as a lecturer at the faculty which he graduated from when he obtains an excellent or very good degree and keeps first or second place according to the faculty’s need for employing lecturers in this year, or he can work as an assistant lecturer until he gets the master degree and applies in any contest which faculty announces it; the same matter when applying for a professor in the faculty after taking the doctorate degree.


There is a wide field for working in this direction as it’s possible to work in a news or entertainment newspaper after taking the necessary training and being fully prepared, or to work in the radio and TV field and Arabic dubbing.

Authoring and Writing Scope

The graduate of the Arabic department is prepared to author books, novels, stories even poetry for studying several kinds of poetry that enable him to blog and write where he will be an expert in using the tools of the language from expressions and terms, and this surely it will be an income source for him especially after the availability of the internet which became a market for marketing our products easily.

Translation Scope

Because of the circumstances of the weakness of the Arabic content on the internet and the lack of consideration for language accuracy on the pages; some companies and foundations ask the graduates of Arabic departments to translate books, essays, and emails that come to the company, but there is only one problem in this matter is being perfect in another language beside the Arabic language for the chance of being a translator, and it’s preferer to choose unique languages and much needed at the labor market, meaning there are a lot of English translators but very little Chinese ones and another needed and unique languages at the labor market.

Audit and Review 

If you aren’t professional in the field of writing essays, stories, books, and novels you can work as a language auditor and reviewer for all of the above before publishing or even the theses of the master and doctorate for avoiding any language or dedication mistakes may be affect on the quality of the produced work.