Work Scopes


Tour guide

A graduate can work as a tour guide whether in a private hotel or tourism company, and it’s not limited inside Egypt to be a tour guide only for a foreign tourist but it’s possible working as an Arab tour guide with any English-speaking country because of his own a good English language.


It’s possible to work in presenting programs field whether it’s radio or tv programs that are presented in the English language also possible participating in the preparation.


This field of work is broad with its nature where it’s possible to work on translating Arabic books and verses.

Teaching field

A graduate student can work as an English teacher whether in governmental or private schools after getting the educational diploma and in sometimes doesn’t need this diploma when he works in a private school, or work as a lecturer in the faculty he has graduated from it with the excellent or very good degree with maintaining on having the first and the second place according to the need of the faculty for employing lecturers in this year, or work in a private university, as well as he can work as an assistant- lecturer when completing his study after getting the master and applying for any contest that the faculty announces it, the same matter as a professor in the faculty after his getting the doctorate.