Aswan University President inspects the launching of the 1st semester exams within strict measures

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed– Aswan University President, today, on Saturday, inspected the committees of the first semester examinations at the campus in Sahary, which are performed by 28 thousand students in the various faculties of the university which their number reaches 18 faculties and institutes.

The university president confirmed that the university has made all preparations to ensure conducting the first semester exams in advance, in accordance with the regulations and directives of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Supreme Council of Universities.

He added that the implementation of Aswan University’s plan to ensure the proper functioning of the first semester exams works by providing well-ventilated halls for the examination committees and taking into account observing social distance of one and a half meters between each student, with wearing medical masks, and the provision of disinfectants and sterilization tools inside each committee with measuring the temperature of the students when the entry in various faculties, and contact with crisis management committees directly, as well as taking into consideration applying all precautionary measures in light of facing the Coronavirus through the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through.

Today, University President’s tour included the committees of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Physical Education at the campus in Sahary.

Dr. Ahmed Ghallab indicated that the medical committees are doing their work in full swing, and in case any student is suspected of being injured, he is isolated and transferred by the equipped ambulance to the isolation of the university hospital and he is allowed to enter the exams again after his recovery, and a full degree is calculated for him in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities for presenting facilitation and full care for all students.

Dr.Ahmed Ghallab-University President through his inspection tour was accompanied by Dr. Atef Ibrahim-Dean of the Faculty of Dar Uloom and Vice Deans of the faculty, and Dr. Yasser Abdul Hamid-Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Vice-Deans of the Faculty