Aswan University President was infected with the emerging coronavirus

Aswan University President Prof.Ahmed Ghallab was infected with the emerging coronavirus, and he is currently undergoing treatment according to the coronavirus protocol according to the Ministry of Health, also his condition is stable and he is subject to home isolation with providing all aspects of necessary medical care. All the university staff including the university representatives, deans of the faculties, academic staff and their assistants, students, and the workers of Aswan University Hospitals expressed their hope to his Excellency for recovering soon.

Aswan University President inspects the launching of the 1st semester exams within strict measures

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed– Aswan University President, today, on Saturday, inspected the committees of the first semester examinations at the campus in Sahary, which are performed by 28 thousand students in the various faculties of the university which their number reaches 18 faculties and institutes.

The university president confirmed that the university has made all preparations to ensure conducting the first semester exams in advance, in accordance with the regulations and directives of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Supreme Council of Universities.

He added that the implementation of Aswan University’s plan to ensure the proper functioning of the first semester exams works by providing well-ventilated halls for the examination committees and taking into account observing social distance of one and a half meters between each student, with wearing medical masks, and the provision of disinfectants and sterilization tools inside each committee with measuring the temperature of the students when the entry in various faculties, and contact with crisis management committees directly, as well as taking into consideration applying all precautionary measures in light of facing the Coronavirus through the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through.

Today, University President’s tour included the committees of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Physical Education at the campus in Sahary.

Dr. Ahmed Ghallab indicated that the medical committees are doing their work in full swing, and in case any student is suspected of being injured, he is isolated and transferred by the equipped ambulance to the isolation of the university hospital and he is allowed to enter the exams again after his recovery, and a full degree is calculated for him in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities for presenting facilitation and full care for all students.

Dr.Ahmed Ghallab-University President through his inspection tour was accompanied by Dr. Atef Ibrahim-Dean of the Faculty of Dar Uloom and Vice Deans of the faculty, and Dr. Yasser Abdul Hamid-Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Vice-Deans of the Faculty

Aswan University Council: discussing the preparations of the exams of the first-semester

On Monday, Aswan University Council No.(101) has been convened headed by Dr. Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President and the attendance of Dr. Ayman Osman-Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr.Majdy Mohamed Ali-Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, the deans of faculties and advisors of the university president. As well as Dr.Ahmed Ghallab has inaugurated the works of the council and expressed his congratulation to students, academic staff, and the university employees in the occasion of Christmas and New Years’ Day wishing the safety for all.

The council congratulated the Faculty of Science on accrediting the program of the faculty from the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality, and congratulated the head of the elected students’ union and his vice, and the rest of the members of students’ union on the occasion of their win.

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab confirmed through the meeting the importance of finishing the medical and health problems of the university hospitals where Aswan University Hospital witnesses a development in a various department as it’s considered a direction for all patients of Aswan Governorate and patients of South Upper Egypt to receive the treating service by requalifying and raising the efficiency of cadres and medical experiences.

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab added while Aswan University Hospital witnesses an establishment of a several of new facilities as the hospital of internal diseases and children with the capacity of 150 beds and includes dialysis unit that has been finished with the percent of 85% from the size of the works that lead to a big breakthrough by entering in the service soon and by this the medical and health system is developed in the university hospitals.

The council discussed the implementation of educational and sporting constructions that is ongoing in a full swing at the campus in Sahary and the campus of New Aswan City, as well as the council discussed the university’s plan to prepare for the works of the exams of the first- semester with providing a good ventilation halls for the committees of the exams and take into consideration the social distance with a distance reaches to one and half meters among all students and wear the medical masks at various faculties with applying all the precautionary measure within the light of confronting the emerging coronavirus as keenness of the safety of students, academic staff and their associates and all the university’s employees and working to submit all the university’s capabilities to facilitate the works of exams and work to success the exams of the first -semester in the light of the exceptional circumstances of the country.

The council approved on employing a number of academic staff and their associates in positions ( lecturer-associate professor) and granted scientific degrees.


The final composition of faculty of arts’ students union.

The final composition of faculty of arts’ students union for the academic year 2018/2019 has been approved on Sunday 18/11/2018.

The student :Alshazly Ahmed Mohamed has been chosen to be the faculty students union’s president ,and the student :Khalaf Mahmoud Khalaf  to be the vice president of the union. Mayar Ahmed  Abdelaziz has won the post of secretary of families committee ,while  Alshaimaa Sayed Ibraheem has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student: Ayaman Shawky Ibraheem Ameen has won the post of secretary of the social committee,while Esraa Hamadna Allah Mostafa  Ibraheem has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student :Sabreen Ahmed Ali has won the post of secretary of the athletic committee, while Lafy Medhat Ramzy  has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student:Omnya Mohamed Mahmoud  has won the post of secretary of the cultural committee,while Sarah Abdelhakeem Sayed  Ramzy  has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student Yasmeen Osama Fadel  has won the post of secretary of the arts committee,while Omnya Adly Mohamed Ramzy  has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student  Ahmed Mohamed Kamel  has won the post of secretary of the rangers committee ,while Eslam Mastoor Abdelaleem has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.the student:Dina Esmat Ali   has won the post of secretary of the scientific committee ,while Wafaa Ramadan ALI has won the post of assistant secretary of the same committee.

Prof:Ahmed Ghalab ,Aswan university’s president stated that this elections is an important democratic experience and the winners should be up to this responsibility and provide real services to their colleagues  in cooperation with the university’s administration.

Prof:Ehsan Abdelqudous congratulated the winners of the students union elections and  urged them to achieve more excellence.