Activities of Youth Welfare

1- Sports Activity:

Its goals include developing and refining sports talents among college students, hosting competitions in team and individual games, and selecting university teams to compete in sports tournaments at the level of Egyptian, Arab, and African colleges.

2- Artistic activity:

It strives to strengthen students’ artistic sensibility through involvement in choir teams, performing arts, plastic arts, and various exhibitions. For successful involvement, the best elements are chosen to form teams.

3. Cultural activity:

Poetry, short stories, essays, and wall competitions are all part of it, as are literary research competitions, cultural leagues, and important religious competitions in memorizing the Noble Qur’an, the Noble Hadiths of the Prophet, Islamic culture, student journalism competitions, and Arabic calligraphy.

4. Social Activities:

Through travels, ideal student competitions, chess competitions, social research, and celebrations of various holidays, it aims to promote community and development information and develop the spirit of loyalty and belonging to the motherland.

5. Scout activity and public service:

It is based on the implementation of scouting movement programs within the university via the mobile stage, with the goal of developing the capabilities of young people through the implementation of some competitions and scouting arts, as well as other fields of activities that are practiced in outdoor life at the university level and the Egyptian, Arab, and African universities.

6 -Student and Families Activity:

All activities are carried out by student families at the colleges, and a family is a group of no less than 50 students who work together in a spirit of cooperation to carry out the components of student activity between student unions, which are elected. College and University Student Union Council Student delegates create the Student Union Council to express their thoughts and objectives.

8. Scientific and technological activity:

It is practiced in university science divisions and focuses on developing and refining scientific talents as well as the ability to invent through constructive activities and scientific research competitions.

Administration Director
Shaimaa Ramadan Maeruf