First, the Social Solidarity Fund has provided financial and in-kind assistance:

The Social Solidarity Fund for College Students strives to provide students with social security through various forms of insurance and social care, as well as to work to solve difficulties that students face.

How to Obtain Financial or In-Kind Assistance:

Submitting an application in the name of the Dean of the College to acquire a special form from the College’s Youth Welfare Office, which the student must fill out and have stamped with the college stamp (Student Affairs Office).
The requests are made to the Fund Board of Directors for approval of the amounts due for each category, and the amount is decided based on the family’s financial status.

Subsidies are paid out of the college treasury.

Second: – How to enroll in the activity that is right for you:
Go to the youth welfare office on the second floor of the college and make an appointment with the appropriate person, whether a social worker or a sports specialist.